Saima Naveed – Marketing & Research Officer at WOWPK, speaks with the twins father to know more about the girls and their successes. Here is what the proud father says about her super talented daughters, Zara & Zenubia.


Let’s put our hands together for the proud daughters of Pakistan, Zara Khan and Zenubia Khan for their astounding achievements on the international front. Zara and Zenubia have become the youngest Microsoft Power Platform Certified Professionals at the mere age of 10. These twin sisters have set a remarkable record not just in Pakistan but the world by being the youngest twin pair in the world to pass the Power platform certification.


Zara and Zenubia are exceptionally bright young girls who were introduced to the world of programming and technology by their father. Mr. Khan started work-from-home even before COVID-19 and the girl’s introduction to the world of technology and programming commenced. With their father talking and discussing the wondrous world of computer science in the house, the inquisitive minds of the girls could not help get amazed by the magical world of tech, their father was a part of. This leads them to never-ending inquiries about jargon, keywords, and numerous concepts. Noticing their inclination towards learning about computer science, Mr. Khan started guiding them towards the right books and appropriate websites to keep their probing mind busy in the right direction. He also gave them proper lectures on coding to make sure they are learning practical knowledge. During the self-learning stage, the sector which intrigued them the most was the power platform. Zara and Zenubia started exploring this area on their own and surprised their parents when they created an expense management app to record and track their daily expenses. The girls proved their thirst for knowledge with this app which led to more detailed and focused attention from their father.

As a father, Mr. Khan kept his teaching relaxed and easy to keep the girls from being distracted from their academics. He assured his girls to keep up with their schoolwork and their studies are not compromised. When the summer holidays started, he discussed with Zara and Zenubia about the Microsoft Certification and giving it a try. With their father to guide them and the hard-working nature of the girls, Zara and Zenubia passed the exam on their first attempt making them the first-ever twin pair to earn this.



Zara and Zenubia love to spend time with family and friends. They are avid readers and huge fans of the Harry Potter series. They are hard-working girls with a great academic record and good performance in their extracurricular at school. They participated in the Kangaroo Maths competition on behalf of their school and were a part of the environmental drive. Apart from reading, Zara and Zenubia spend their time swimming and cycling. The friendly matches with their friends are the one thing they look forward to every day.


Zara’s creative nature and Zenubia’s disciplinary attitude makes both these girls unique in their ways. They are smart, sensible, and are born leaders. Living in 3 different countries at such a young age, their personalities have shaped up amazingly by picking the beauties of every culture they were a part of. Their young and talented minds have led them to this remarkable achievement. Seeing such great minds and females creating a name for themselves through their work, we see a bright and colorful future for them in the field of technology. Through this accomplishment, Zara and Zenubia have put a solid foot down in the field of computer science and aspire to continue their learning in the power platform along with other programming languages.


We wish these young and bright girls all the best for their future.
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