Failure is a Best Teacher!

(Winning story of WOWPK’s Share Your Story competition – Congratulations!)

by Mehak Hameed

I was a really bright student in my school. Getting positions and always came at the top was like a very easy thing for me. I scored 95% in matric, my family was so happy and distributed the sweets. Everyone was praising me, it was the best day of my life.

But then I had to decide what I would choose for my future education. I was good in math and biology both and so I chose medical to make my father’s dream came true. Long story short, in FSC I realized that it was not my subject. I was very bad in biology, I wasn’t understanding some basic concepts or couldn’t even remember the scientific names sometimes. The anxiety of being the bright student but didn’t understand the subjects was depressing me day by day. I went to academies too but the problem was always there. And then it showed from my result, I got 78% marks. Falling from 95% to 78% was so frustrating for me, my father didn’t afford private Institutes and with these less score I was unable to secure admission in any government university. It was a major failure for me. I was in total dismay, what to do and how to do? I was getting depressed day by day. My relatives were asking again and again “Ban Gaye Doctor” and this one sentence made my life more miserable. I tried to avoid going to family gatherings. Even sometimes I felt that my parents, my siblings they all lost believe in me.

But that was not the case. My family and my father was so worried, they were actually trying to give me some time and space. So after that one day my fatherΒ  sat with meΒ  and asked me “what do you want?” I told him “I don’t want to be a doctor.” And my father reaction was β€œOkay, so don’t be, do what you want to do.” He asked me “do I want to improve my marks and repeat.” And I agreed to it. Next day he took me to the academy, took me to the board office to apply for the improvement papers, I worked really hard, I memorized each and every word literally and guess what I score 88% after my improvement. And secure admission in Bs Environmental Sciences in Punjab University, come among the top 5 in the merit list. Now Alhamdulillah I am graduated in September with the good CGPA. During my university journey, I have achieved so many things. I got selected among 30 students from all over Pakistan who went to US for student leadership a fully funded program. I got 3rd position in writing competition all over the Punjab. And now I am working as a cofounder of Pakistani Organic Dirt and doing a job in a Multinational Firm.

I just want to say that this is not end, InshaaAllah there is a way to go and I am hoping to achieve more. But sometimes failures are important for your own growth and give you the lessons which you do not get from any institute or teacher.