Women Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy but unfortunately they struggle with marketing & PR. They have been unable to increase production of their products for lack of capital and marketing skills, which makes them unable to earn revenue. Despite having quality products, lack of proper management and communication, networking and selling skills as well as lack of availability of active platforms where they could exhibit their products, have been hampering the growth of their businesses. WOWPK presents a unique opportunity for our women entrepreneurs and small business owners to showcase their products to thousands of potential customers.
Using social commerce, WOWPK aims to help women entrepreneurs and small businesses sell their products and earn profit. Just open a shop on WOWPK SHOP and rest of the work is on us! We will run robust marketing campaigns of your products and services on our website and all social pages including Facebook Shop.
Over the last few years, there has been an a tremendous development in the field of women entrepreneurship in Pakistan due to changes in the social and economic environment and WOWPK being an exclusive women owned and managed community, is dedicated to help and guide our women entrepreneurs about the business skills & marketing and to provide them a platform in the form of WOWPK SHOP to market their products to thousands of potential customers.

We promote women entrepreneurs who are etching out a path of their own. It’s time to reap the rewards with WOWPK SHOP!

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