Women To Women Mentoring Program by WOWPK

BOOK MY MENTOR is a revolutionary tech enabled mentoring program by WOWPK through which you can book one to one mentoring sessions with our expert mentors for your learning, growth, business and career development. This is a revolutionary program to help women advance in their careers or businesses so they not only grow personally and professionally but also contribute to the economy of Pakistan. Our mission at Book My Mentor program is to cultivate the mentoring relationships that provide women with support, guidance and networking opportunities for their professional growth. One-on-one support provides skill building, goal and plan development, and a supportive environment for women.

The official launch took place LIVE on Facebook on Monday, November 23, 2020. In the first phase, 15 mentors have joined the program to impart their knowledge and skills to their mentees.


Benefits of Book My Mentor Program:

★ Confidential woman to woman guidance sessions
★ Get the right Career Guidance from industry experts
★ Get the chance to focus on what should be needed to grow professionally
★ Discuss and get guidance on workplace issues, Stress, and Personal Wellbeing
★ Avail Networking opportunities
★ Gain more knowledge on leadership
★ Receive honest feedback from the mentor
★ Learn your strengths and explore your own potential.
★ Receive a detailed 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 evaluation and analysis report from WOWPK

Become A Mentee:

Are you interested in participating in the Book My Mentor Program as a mentee? Visit our book my mentor page, select the mentor and submit your application. There is a special discount for student mentees. We are also offering follow up discounts for mentees from the professional fields.

Explore our expert mentors here and book a one to one session:

Become a Mentor:

Industry expert women who are interested in having a major impact in the community are encouraged to apply for our Book My Mentor program as Mentors. By becoming a mentor, you will work one-on-one with a mentee to provide support and guidance. We salute you for your tenacity of purpose and special support towards WOWPK in its mission to empower our women and transform them into future leaders. We appreciate your time and value your efforts. The knowledge you will be imparting to our women, will be a great asset throughout their career.
Submit your application here: