Business Communication & Grant Proposal Development Workshop

Report by Saima Naveed (Research & Marketing Officer at WOWPK)

The Business Communication & Grant Proposal Development workshop was held for our audience on 23rd & 24th September, 2020 by WOWPK in collaboration with IEEE WIE NEDUET AG – NED University of Engineering and Technology as our outreach partner. The trainer for this workshop was Ms. Virdah Khan who holds a 15-year long experience in Communication and Intuitive Marketing.

This workshop was divided in 5 section:

  • The first part “Section Zero” focused on Self Awareness, Self-Consciousness, Self-Empowerment and Personal Purpose
  • The second part “Section One’ focused on Business Communication
  • The third part “Section Two’ focused on Grants and Proposals
  • The fourth part “Section Three” was about Grant Proposal and Development
  • The fifth part “Section Four” was the question and answer session


The trainer kickstarted the workshop by engaging the members in understanding the ‘I’ in ‘Inter-personal. The objective of this section was to explore one’s behaviors that shapes the personality which engages in communication with others. This was followed by a small writing activity focused on “I”. Next the workshop focused on how the culture and society is shaped up by small components of every individual’s daily life which includes self-talk, beliefs, behaviors and routines amongst others. Moving ahead with Section Zero, the members identified their personality types using the Myer-Briggs personality indicator. Day 1 of the workshop was concluded by guiding the members about Mindful Practices to refuel their inner passion along with the following recommended reading list:

  1. The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
  2. Mindset by Dr. Carol S. Dweck


Day 2 of the workshop started with Section One focusing on Business Communication. In this part, the trainer engaged the members in understanding how to communicate effectivity through a writing activity where they discussed about their worst and best communication. Further ahead, the 7 Cs of effective communication were discussed with practical examples from daily communication. Next in this section the benefits of effective communication were discussed that how communicating in the right way can lead to improved presentation, genuine networking and true leadership. Also, how effective communication can benefit in managing conflict efficiently were thoroughly talked about. Going further in this section, the members were guided about communicating effectively in rapidly evolving everyday situations and how small day to day activities like having regular meals with family and asking the questions in the right tone can make in difference in the way one communicates. Thereafter, the role of Social Media was discussed in which the role of different social media platforms was talked about and its role in communicating a different message. This section was concluded with yet another reading recommendation:

  1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


This section was focused upon the basics of Grants and Proposals It included information about Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Request for Information (RFI). Moving ahead with this section, the basic design of a proposal was discussed along with how certain phrases and words makes a proposal worth responding, from the clients’ point of view. Next the members were guided about the key components of a proposal, step by step along with the significance of each component and how to communicate the information correctly. This was followed by an activity in which the members were asked to write a small proposal incorporating the knowledge conveyed. This section was then concluded with another reading recommendation:

  1. Handbook for Writing Proposals by Robert J. Hamper


This section was about Grant Proposal Development. Starting off, this section discussed about lobbying, its purpose and the basics of lobbying for a campaign/project/issue. Next, it talked about pitching, the importance of pitching along with how crucial it is to pitch correctly and how to prepare yourself for a pitch. Further ahead, the members were guided about the importance of documentation and the list of documents that will be required to put forward a grant. Going further in this section, the members were guided about the procedure of writing a grant proposal, step by step along with the significance of each step and how important it is to talk through the grant/proposal document in an effective and accurate way. This was followed by a discussion about an actual proposal, shared with the members, in which each and every component was highlighted and discussed along with its purpose. This section was again concluded by a recommended reading:

  1. The Complete Book of Grant Writing: Learn to Write Grants Like a Professional by Nancy Smith


This section was the most interactive part of the workshop. The members of the workshops were a diverse group of individuals and everyone took part in questioning the trainer in relevance to their field. Few members talked about how important section zero was to them and the way they were able to connect with themselves via the strategies and guidelines the trainer taught through this workshop. Others talked about the tips and tricks they learnt about basic communication and how they feel confident in communicating better in their professional fields. Some pointed out the small mistakes they were making in their everyday communication which they were able to identify via this workshop and were positive about keeping their future communication in line with the trainings of this workshop. The workshop concluded in a very positive note with every member praising the trainer and the giveaways in form of better information and increased knowledge.

Certificates were awarded to all the members of the workshop at the end.


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