Branding Workshop Highlights by Saima Naveed (Research & Marketing Officer at WOWPK)

The Branding for Startups and Small Businesses workshop was held for our audience on 14th October 2020 by WOWPK. This trainer for this workshop was the founder of WOWPK herself, Zia S. Hasan.

This workshop was divided into 8 different sections, discussing the 8 modules of Branding:

  1. What is Branding
  2. Branding Strategy
  3. Co-Branding
  4. Global Rebranding
  5. Rebranding
  6. Brand Value Measurement
  7. Guide to Social Media Branding
  8. The Psychology of Colors

The trainer kickstarted the workshop by an activity in which the members had to identify the brand names through logos to explain to the audience the power of branding and logo. Further, the value of the brand was discussed and how to define a brand in terms of mission, vision, perception, and emotion. This was followed by a Poll, initiated by the trainer, to analyze the participants understanding of branding.

In the second module of the workshop, Branding Strategy was explained to all the attendants in terms of What, Why, Where, and Whom. Further ahead, four different branding strategies were discussed with each strategy explained with real-life examples to explain the importance and practicality of each strategy. This module was followed by an activity in which the attendees were given multiple brand logos and were asked to share their first thoughts about the brand. Many attendees came up with their experience, some came up with the brand’s tagline and some came up with the positioning of the brand in their minds. This activity enabled the attendees to understand the importance of a brand strategy that how effective a brand strategy is for any company to create the right image and positioning in the consumer’s mind. This activity was followed by another team activity in which the focus was on making the attendees understand the role of brand strategy in making a company unique. The attendees were grouped up with other members and separated into breakout rooms to discuss a set of 5 questions to identify the brand’s strengths.

In the third module, the concept of Co-Branding was discussed. The focus of this part of the workshop was to make the attendees understand the benefits of this branding technique by giving real-life examples of brands collaborating and how it has helped them increase sales and gain customer confidence. The fourth module was about Global Branding which introduced the concepts of Global Values and Global Consistency. This module was followed by a poll about brand personality.

The fifth module was about Re-Branding. This part focused a lot on the intricacies of this branding technique because of its power to make or break the brand. The trainer discussed the reasons a brand should consider rebranding followed by real-life examples of how rebranding has made some brands King. In other cases, some brands have been killed as the result of rebranding as per the examples discussed.

The sixth module was about Brand Value Measurement. This part of the workshop discussed the four pillars of Brand Asset Valuation (BAV) in terms of Brand Strength and Brand Stature. The seventh module was about Social Media Goals. It focused on the importance of visual content and how it can help you reach out to the customers in a better way.

The last module was about the Psychology of Colors. This was one of the most important parts according to the attendees as it made them understand how the choice of colors in their logo can have a huge impact on their Brand’s Image, Perception, and value. The trainer discussed the value of each color and how multiple international brands are using colors to convey their brand’s message.

The workshop was concluded by another activity, the focus of which was to make the attendees define their brand. In a set of four questions, the trainer made every member of the workshop write her brand strategy in just under 5 minutes. Everyone shared their activity output with the trainer and she straightened the words of every attendant’s Brand strategy.

The 3-hour long workshop came to end on a very positive note. It was an interactive workshop where attendants were asking questions and discussing their viewpoints through-out the session. There was a total of 4 activities and two polls in which the attendants participated in this workshop.

The workshop was a huge success amongst the attendants. Everyone recorded their testimonials in the end highlighting the takeaways from the workshop. For some it was the understanding of the importance of colors which they never recognized before, for some it was the drafting of the Brand Strategy in the end through the activity, and for some it was the way the trainer was open to questions in every part of the workshop which helped them in better understanding the later parts of the workshops. The workshop concluded on a very positive note with every member appreciating the content of the workshop and how practical and easy it was to implement it in their brand. Certificates were awarded to all the members of the workshop at the end.

watch the video highlights here: Branding Workshop Highlights