Zunaira Omar

Area of Expertise: Inbound Marketing, Market Research, & SEO

Zunaira is the founder and CEO of an inbound marketing company called, The SquarePeg. It was recently featured in top B2B companies in Asia.

Zunaira is a software engineer with a creative spark, that no amount of assembly language could kill. So she ventured into digital marketing – which allowed her to experience the best of both worlds. She has worked on a multitude of local and international projects which has given her a diversified experience and helped her develop a unique skill set and best practices.

Zunaira has designed and implemented marketing and digital transformation strategies for B2B and B2C models.
Her passion led her to co-found an inbound marketing company called the SquarePeg, through which they aim to bring international best practices, here in Pakistan. They think of themselves as storytellers, once it comes to digital marketing – one size does not fit all, hence they handcraft unique stories for all of their clients. Zunaira’s work is a labour of love and passion with no half-hearted measures in between!

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