Masooma Zubairi

Area of Expertise: Photography

Masooma Zubairi did her MSc in Media & Mass Communication from Islamic University, Islamabad. She is an educationist who has taught to A-levels students in different schools and university students in different universities. She has worked as a coordinator and Principal in a reputed school. Masooma is now an established entrepreneur running her own production house named as M.Z Productions & Photography. Her work is recognized in OCH in Uk. She has won an award of best leading CEO from UN. She was also featured in WOWPK – Women of Wonders Pakistan. Her Photography has been featured in InfinixPakistan and in Fauzia International. She is promoting women empowerment through many communities and initiatives like Lift Pakistan, Facebook Community Leadership Circles, Connected Women Pakistan, showcasing her photography and videography through these platforms.

Masooma’s company offers certified internships for youngsters. Her tagline is “PROVE IT NAIL IT AND ACHIEVE IT”.

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