Ayesha Iqbal

Area of Expertise: Education Consultant and Parenting Coach

C.E.O. and Lead Trainer – ADVANCE (education & training consultancy)
Founder and Director – Faiz-e-Aam Welfare Trust
Founder and Administrator – Mount Hira Charity School
Academic Head – AlHuda Community Schools
Program Leader in Teaching and Learning – CAIE
E.C.E. Trainer – Oxford University Press

She is a Cambridge certified educationist, with over 20 years of invaluable experience in different fields of edification. Ms. Ayesha Iqbal is presently working as an Academic Head for AlHuda Community Schools, with a mission of providing affordable education to the masses. She also renders her services as an ECE trainer for Oxford University Press. Her goal is to encourage mainstream teachers to learn and practice strategies recommended by latest educational research by offering her trainees, access to the most innovative ideas and approaches in the field of education, skill development and character building of the learners. She is the founder of ADVANCE consultancy, a professional training center that provides year-round training courses for educational institutes and organizations. As an expert Parenting Coach she guides her clients regarding positive and healthy parenting techniques.
Ayesha Iqbal is the Founder and Director of Faiz-e-Aam, which is a welfare trust working on diversified projects for the benefit and welfare of the underprivileged section of the society. These include educational as well as social welfare programs. She founded a registered primary school for the street children of Islamabad, by the name of Mount Hira, in 2010. Presently, this school is providing free quality education, vocational training and daily snacks to hundreds of children belonging to poor families. She also runs a Street Lunch Program by the name of Dastarkhuwaan, which provides cooked food and ration to the deprived communities. Free Medical Camps and Street Stores for needy families are organized in different slum areas of Islamabad. Moreover, a career-development program for the transgender community and marriages of orphan girls are also arranged under the umbrella of Faiz-e-Aam welfare trust.

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