About Us

โ€œOne of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.โ€โ€“ Sheila Murray Bethel

Our Mission:

Advancing Women – Elevating Pakistan

Founded by Zia S. Hasan in 2019, WOWPK aims to highlight and celebrate the efforts of our wonder women, to share resources to help them grow, to inspire young girls to think out of the box and explore careers that need women workforce and leaders.

WOWPK provides an environment for the personal and professional development of women through formal and informal training.ย We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and also offer exclusive training programs providing an effective framework for companies to be a leader in diversity through our customized sessions and top notch events.

Women of Wonders Pakistan (WOWPK) is committed to developing the potential of women leaders, career women and entrepreneurs, and celebrating their successes specially in the non-traditional careers.

What We Offer:

WOWPK economically empowers our women through various skill development initiatives that include;

Career Guidance And Advancement Sessions:

The career sessions are a series of #ThisWeekOnWOWPK LIVE Facebooksessions where we explore the participation and advancement of women in non-traditional careers in Pakistan. They include talks on career guidance, opportunities that are present and the challenges that need to be addressed. Being conducted twice every month on different career choices where we invite the industry experts to guide our young girls and career women who want to explore new careers or are interested in a career change respectively.

WOW Webinars:

We invite experts to conduct webinars on trending topics of professional growth and industry skills. These webinars are offered Free and they cover variety of topics like; Freelancing, Blogging, Decision Making skills, Critical Thinking. Leadership, Digital Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Resume Writing, Worklife balance, Stress management, Time management and more.

StandOut! Workshops:

Our signature skill development program ๐’๐ญ๐š๐ง๐๐Ž๐ฎ๐ญ! offers series of personal and professional development workshops to help our women level-up their skills and portfolio. These strategy workshops are designed for university students, influencers, entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, HR managers, marketers and anyone who wants to work on her professional development. There are also corporate level training offered to companies and organizations.

Book My Mentor:

Mentors are committed to helping others become fuller versions of who they are. WOWPK has proudly launched the “Book My Mentor” program. We recruit industry experts, trainers, coaches and mentors from different fields for paid mentorship opportunities. Mentors are listed on our website and mentees are able to book sessions with them for one to one coaching. This is a revolutionary program to help women advance in their careers or businesses so they not only grow personally and professionally but also contribute to the economy of Pakistan.

Women Of Wonders Awards

WOWPK honours women who have been contributing tremendously to the economic development of Pakistan and created impact at large. The Women of Wonder Awards (WOW Awards) Ceremony is an annual event dedicated to celebrating Pakistani womenโ€™s professional excellence in various fields. It celebrates women whose outstanding contributions to the economic development of Pakistan are legendary. We aim to highlight and celebrate the accolades of up-and-coming inspirational female talent, to help create a new generation of female role models, and a pipeline of future leaders.

In a world where women are still striving for gender equality in many areas, it makes no sense for us to compete against each other. Supporting other women and celebrating their successes can make you much more successful, because it encourages others to do the same for you. WOWPK loves to see women smiling and striving to be the best they can be and features successful role models to appreciate their work and to inspire young girls to follow the same path.

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